Monday, November 7, 2011

My love for...Etro!

The Geisha inside me was carelessly wandering across the internet, when suddenly I spotted this fabulous printed jersey dress in chocolate brown (paired here with some weird Japanese styling of my own- I envision myself wearing this dress and going for a tea party with some high fashion geishas to an old Japanese tea house- weird right? That’s me and my dreams). I immediately realized that I had rediscovered my love for ETRO. It has been a while since I last checked out this brand, and it was certainly my bad. There is a sense of adventure and ethnicity that I get from ETRO.

I love their paisley prints and the jacquards, also the way they infuse florals and mix geometric patterns. What I found out today though, was that, I am totally in love with their monochrome pieces as well. I have fallen head over heels for the wool blend jacquard skirt (paired here with a leather jacket, a golden Donna Karen tank and some fabulous color blocked pumps, not to forget the Etro embellished leather bag- in my dreams I am going to a rock-n-roll pub wearing this outfit)

Also, cannot take my eyes off the jacquard hooded bomber (the mix and match of patterns in it reminds me of the sweaters my grand mom used to knit for me). Lastly, who can resist the Etro paisley scarves but check out the handbags as well. Once again, I love the monochromatic patterns and the geometric textures. And finally, some bold, chunky jewelry to complete any look. I am such a big fan. Much luv.xo

Fact: (via The Paisley motif first appeared in the Etro collections back in 1981. It was not only a masterpiece of the production, but it also became a symbol of the Etro brand, and would remain so for years to come.


Joyce said...

Beautiful! I love the sets you made :)

Anonymous said...

I love the items in this post - Especially the very first dress & purple heels - very nice ! And teh shoes in the next picture are wonderful !


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