Monday, October 31, 2011

I am what I am...

I am what I am....this week I have realised a few things...a few things I have always known...and there are some that keep evolving into bigger and better opportunities.'s a look at the world through my eyes.. I love RAINS but only on a cemented floor! hate the muddy footprints in my house ( or in my case more of the paw prints curtesy my dogs )... I love a STARRY NIGHT..and since I was a kid I have this passion that makes me sit for hours, staring into the night sky... figuring out the different constellations. sadly for me..this time of the year is full of clouds...( perfect weather to cuddle up with a hot cuppa coffee, though )... I loooovvveee ORIGAMY and ORCHIDS ( I would love to learn how to make an orchid in origamy... would end up making thousands in purple and filling up my room...oh and they would be with some silver dust on top! ).. I have this crazy fascination with purple and silver! hmm...

I know for a fact that when I grow old, I want to settle down in a BRICK HOUSE with giant window sills full of flowery plants... love that idea! Oh and....preferably in europe somewhere...HMMM! ( day dreaming now...) I love RAINBOWS!! And even though this is the age of the internet and everything electronic from computers to ipads to e-books...I only love to read books with a HARD  COVER. In this regard, I am from the olden-golden era... love to smell my books!! I find, sometimes HALLOWEEN can be the one day, when you can actually be yourself ( at least for some people, I guess! you know how its easier potraying a bitch/ witch when you know that you are one... *wink ) Oh and lastly, I have never seen a snowy christmas.... never been in a country where it snows and never seen a snowfall...hmmm ( that's just sad ) hopefully soon though!! you never know! *smiles.

 Anywh0! I am What I am!! Be who you are, regardless of criticisms and/or peer pressure! be yourself! be awesome!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

what are you for halloween?

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Here are a few of my favoritte looks for this year's halloween bash....
Firstly, some foil prints, black & white, animal prints, some studded bands and we are ready to pull off the 'Halloween Phantom' look. I am specially loving the foil printed skinny jeans from topshop. Also I think the Wristband from '' can be a go to accessory for a lot of other halloween looks, from goth to vampire and many more of the dark side...

The second look, that I personally have loved for a while now, is that of the 'dark angel'. I love the bad, rebellious, angel look not just for the sheer joy of getting to wear the wings ( my secret crush ) but also because I then get to play with my favorite colors purple and black. You can choose a mauve or an english grey (bluish grey) instead of the purple, but keeping it in the blue-to- purple family seems to work for the look.  I like the knit dress and the ripped leggings for this perticular concept. also check out the 'Muglar platform pumps' from ...

Lastly, my favorite look... the 'halloween Goth' or you can also twist the same a little to get to the 'halloween slut' outfit. I am in love with my IronFist shoes and totally going to incorporate them somehow for halloween. Although, living in South Africa (where it gets as hot as 36degrees during the day, this time of the year) I am not so sure on all the leather, this look demands... this black satin corset does seem like a better option than leather!

So...what are you for halloween?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spring Summer 2012: WIFW

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A late post...
Some more of my fav designers from the India Fashion's been a while that I wanted to post these pics up but for some reason, this folder just kept sitting on my desktop...So, here it favorite! designer Malini Ramani, Kavita Bhartiya and a name that has deeply impacted me since my college years and the show truly rocked..designer Rajesh Pratap Singh.
First up: Malini Ramani, my fav designer since. I guess, I was in school... yeah! her SS2012 collection was a fun filled show with a lot of Indian crafts and techniques seen in the garments. Block prints, mirror work, fringes, studs, sequins, lehariya and appliqué work embellished the garments. There was a happy summer spirit that ruled the stage.

'Dip dyed jumpsuits, walnut pleated necklace tunic, shaded red fuschia strapless dresses were just some of the highlights of the Kavita Bhartia Show. By the name of Kaleido 'scape', the collection used special tie and dye techniques, inspired by tribal Ikats, vibrant and modern tropical prints.' text via willslifestyle page on

Rajesh Pratap Singh show focused on the importance/ the rich heritage of handloom and handmade in the country. The garments were a fabulous mix of hand embellished and handmade with wonderful handloom fabrics. The pieces that truly rocked were (many) specially, the red (handloom fabric) menswear blazer, the butterfly print, sequined in bold colors on jackets, the red draped dress and the silver leggings. It was a beautiful show focusing on the Indian heritage and all in all another successful experimentation by the designer. Loved it!

All photos via wills lifestyle on

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Find me here...

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The Beauty Butterfly

I Heart...!!

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Cannot get my eyes off these Michael Kors handbags...
MK 'HAMILTON' Distressed Satchel: $298

MK 'JENNA' MEDIUM Satchel: $398

MK JET SET MEDIUM embossed Tote: $268

Michael Kors 'MILO' LARGE Tote: $498
Photos via

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I am what I am...

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Paris Luv... today's 'Iam...' section features my love for the city of love! Paris... here's a few things I want to do this holiday season. some fun! some genuinely stupid, but that's just me. Be yourself! Be AwEsoMe!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Style Files...

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Dress made entirely out of surgeon's masks. Seen at Alpana and Neeraj Show at the Wills India Fashion week. Now thats sterile ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SS2012... loving this collection!

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The collection Geisha Design by Paras & Shalini was sheer poetry written in the language of thread, beads and the most original of patterns that challenged the de-rigeuer of mainstream fashion. Flowers, art, heritage, mystique, life and natures pride inspire the collections designs. -
photos via willslifestyle on facebook.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Was busy with

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Did these graphics for S yesterday. He needed these for some presentation. Enjoy the fun...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


At Pankaj andNidhi Show at WIFW
Alexander Wang Sheers with brights inside.

At the ATSU show at WIFW
Lace tops at Oscar de la Renta's

At the ATSU show

At the ATSU show at WIFW
Prabal Gurung SHEERS for 2012

At the ATSU show again...
Prabal Gurung 2012

Photos via Wills Lifestyle page on

Spring Summer 2012: WIFW

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Designer: Sanchita
Wills India Fashion Week

Sanchita's collection was a beautiful melody of colors, shine and texture. The elaborate turbans worn by the models had glittering graffiti on them. The swimwear was a great mix-and-match of summer colors with sequined and embroidered pieces. The highlight for me was the asymmetric yellow dress and the beautiful chiffon shift dresses with all over print. The headbands were a nice touch to add color and quirkiness to the ensembles. It was certainly a perfect summer collection, with day to evening looks.

Spring Summer 2012: WIFW

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Tanvi Kedia and Divyam Mehta
‘For the women in love with silky bohemia, Tanvi Kedia's 'Anthology' carried on the idea of silky and endlessly wearable numbers, adding measured and refined dose of 'chic'. The introduction of intricate digital prints along with multi hued embroidery and other embellishments provided a more explicit look to her colourful complication.’- willslifestyle via

I am so glad Tanvi Kedia decided to add the digital prints and the flowy dresses. She is one of my favorite designers and I would love to see more of her work. Just feel like the embroidered and structured dresses were a bit too similar to the A/W2011 collection that she showcased last time.

For her A/W2011 collection visit:

My special interest and love for all things Divyam goes back to the fact that we did college together. He has maintained his brand image since way before he was launched in IFW. His love for the rural crafts, fabrics and the old worldly charm of his clothes was visible in college assignments as well. I love his use of brights this time along with some beautiful blues and navys. Loved his use of khadi with such relaxed silhouettes, there was a sense of calm and lightness in his show.

photos via willslifestyle page on


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