Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spring Summer 2012:THAKOON

After his superb portrayal of the Masai tribe, Kenya for fall2011, he has left me awestruck with this beautiful collection reflecting India. Taking his inspiration from a mere bandana, his fascination led him to explore India, bollywood and all things kitsch.

The SS2012 collection sees turquoise, saffron, orange, magenta and gold, in silhouettes that ranged from yoked shirts to trapeze dresses. The two toned cowboy hats and the hair just added to the whole story perfectly. The way he has interpreted and adapted India into his silhouettes is genius. I love how the gold zari borders found on Indian saris make for the perfect motif and recurring bands in the pants, the skirt borders and even on the dresses. Also, the simple chambray dress with orange embroidery is in fact a salwar kameez adaptation. The colors are wonderful, the vibe is vibrant and the whole collection somehow just speaks to me.

My favorites from the collection are, the little dress with shoulders inspired by raglan silhouette, the shorts with gold recurring border, the chambray dress with orange embroidery, the pink tiered dress with gold polka dots, all the skirts, the blouses and (well I guess that means I kind of like it all, don’t I? ) the two toned hats.

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Dorota said...

I love this collection!have a lovely day!

Emma and Sarah said...

I love it, thanks for stopping by and for following, I'm following back.



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