Monday, September 26, 2011

Gaga u la laaa!!

The Mother Monster is set to visit India in Oct. Being my homeland, even though I now live thousands of miles away.... I badly wanted to do a post with some iconic GAGA moments. So here is a remince of the dresses, the characters and the campaigns that made the world stop and notice!!!
She goes by the word Mother monster and prefers to call her fans 'monsters'. This lady does not shy away from making her voice heard. She calls her style as garage grunge couture and wants to be remembered as the biggest con of the century, someone who impacted the society and lived with her own terms.

Love her music, not to forget her free spiritedness and her style!! hail GAGA!!!

gaga against the breast milk ice cream

gaga in mcqueen

the famous bubble dress

gaga in the meat dress made of beef

her latest character ' Jo Calderone'

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