Friday, August 5, 2011

Spotlight on...Cuffs Couture

The Victorian reminisce!!!
Considering my love for all things victorian, Imagine my delight, when I stumbled upon this site exclusively devoted to cuffs. And, they don't just make cuffs, thay make cuffs to replace your clutch!!! I mean, who can beat that? you go out to a club and everything from your lip gloss, to your ID card, your hairpins, and all those tiny things that make you drag your clutch to the dancefloor, can all fit into your pretty stylish CUFF!!Imagine!!
And they make cuffs for all occassions, from weddings to daily outings, to a night out in the town, you name it and you have a cuff to match it. They also do some pretty neat headbands, for a folklorish feel, try the beaded or feathered ones. This is a major discovery for me. Absolutely adore this idea. I have always been a ruffled cuffs and collars fan, but this is the modern take on the sweet victorian heritage we got. much much love!!

check out these fabulous cuffs here:
all photos courtesy the website.

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