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How to work your polka dots...a little guide to brighten up your summers
So, last week I did a little open survey at IFB to check out, just how many fashionistas share my love for polka's the verdict. 14 out of 17 said they love polka dots, 3 hated them, but again they mentioned that in moderation, and if styled correctly, polka dots can look good...
how to work your polka
the trick is not to overdo it:
1 if in a dress, make sure you balance it out with a solid color, may even be just in a belt or a jacket but solids define the whole outfit and help complete it
2 don't fear going bright on accessories and go all out with your polka dots, check the umbrella, cute right!
3 in a neutral color base, they don't look like a thing of the past, eg. a skirt with polks dots will look fab with just a plain tank top and some funky shoes
4 handbags, scarves and all things slamm in your ensemble, if in a moderate amount, anyone can flaunt and look fab in a polks dot
5 you go girl! have your little sexy intimate wear in your choice of color and pattern! If you love what's on the inside it will show in your confidence outside
6 again, accessorise with your favorite polka, check the cute leg warmers
7 footwear can never go wrong, just make sure you are not dolled up from head to toe in polka dots alone!
8 bangles, necklaces, earrings! bring your funky side on with jewellery
 Check out the answers people gave in the survey...
polka dots! love it or hate it????

love (14)
hate (3)
Total number of votes: 17
OMG, I absolutely adore polka moderation though!, shop, shop
soooo cuuuute! <3
One of my favorite patterns ever! :)
Alyssa Nicole

Polka dots and stripes - together or apart, I love them :)
Polka dot nails are beeaauuutiful!

polka dots are cute. I love small polka dot.
They are cute..I agree in moderation thought. Haha :)

I love polka dots. Patterns and textures are great additions to outfits! (:

Hate it! With passion!
Don't have a single polka-dotty thing (except some underpants someone gifted me).
I really like them.. but either the tiny ones or really big!
Of course it also depends on how you wear them, sometimes they look ridiculous!
I love them when they're worn right. Sometimes they just look make someone look like Cruella Deville!
FashionGeek yesterday

Thank you all for your opinions, just helps make styling better and in understanding what is currently in or out!!xo

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natasha said...

Cute polka dot wedges:)


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