Thursday, August 4, 2011

Autumn Winter 2011-2012: Trend Alert!

When it comes to preparing for the next season, many of us carefully choose our wardrobe with great precaution. Also in consideration are our footwear, accessories, bags or purses and all things that we might be wearing. But sometimes people forget to look out for a trend that can make or break a fresh and in-style look at first glance!
Ofcourse, I am talking about make-up. What is going to be in trend for the coming season for looks, style, colors and all things related to your face-value?
Here's a little insight into it, at least for those luscious lips, the men can't stop drooling
For lip shades,  we have seen bright colors, then there was a season where we paid attention to gloss and natural color tones. There has also been an avid fan following of shimmer since like, ever.
This season, however, (A/W2012) is going to be all about natural looking lips. So keep aside your gloss and shimmers. Also lipsticks are a thing of the past. This season is going to be the matte, natural looking lip colour. The LIP TINTS! Lip tints won’t travel to your teeth, as traditional lipsticks often do. Also, tints are great for a natural, fresh-faced look ( the trend that everyone is following ) while lasting through eating and drinking, and long days at work.

Tips: For a subtle look, simply smudge the colour over your lips, while for an evening look go deeper or apply a coating of gloss over the top to make it shimmer, if you like.
If you want to emphasise your skin colour, or you want to play up your bronzer and make it shine more, take a little tip or two from no other that JLo. She always makes sure that her lip color is one shade lighter that her skin tone to give her face that warmth.
photo: from google, max factor, lifinity lasting lip tint

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