Friday, July 1, 2011

Spring Summer 2012 trend: first look at rio de janeiro:COVEN

Coven, a knitwear-heavy label with a fiercely modern but street-friendly aesthetic.
The collection was fierce with a wild feel to it. The models looked stunning with their eye makeup/ tattoos. The color combinations were unusual, bold and pleasant at the same time. Stripes and graphic prints seem to have ruled the show. The black and white butterfly print was a stunner in all the silhouettes. The leopard print at the backdrop of various knits in solids as well as stripes was a total knockout. Their was a subtle ethnicity and wildness that you could relate to at the show, even though the silhuettes were demure and the colors very modern. A very wearable and chic collection. In total I would say, it was a sheer delight to my senses, and I just discovered a new brand I would follow for a long time to come. Can't believe, I hadnt discovered it till yet. An awesome start to my Spring Summer 2012 inspirations. much love.

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FAIZA said...

Absolutely Fabulous!! Thanks for sharing. Love the patterns and color combinations...;)

Faiza xo


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