Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RESORT 2012...Jonathan Saunders

Jonathan Saunders is known for his bold use of angular prints and bright colors.

For his Fall 2011 collection, he juxtaposed strict shapes (fitted pencil skirts and sheath dresses) with bold geometric prints and colors.

For RESORT 2012, he went on to discover his own interpretation of feminine and flirty using victorian inspirations.
The highlight of the show were the voluminous dresses, the pleated skirts, the cinched waists, the hemlines and of course the fabulous victorian pattern in different colors and sizes.
The patterns were Saunders' own drawing of victorian metalwork and ornate stonework.
The pieces that stood out for me:
1. the sheer fabric necklines and pure black evening gowns
2. the ornate victorian patterns
3. the victorian inspirations in collars, necklines and hemlines ( creating a dreamy soft feel for the whole collection )
4. the beautiful color combinations (specially the orange dress with blue print) and the shades of grey (so beautiful, so serene)
5. the matching pant and blazer
All in all, a very wearable, very beautiful and feminine collection with pretty colors and patterns.
luv it all. xo.

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2Gitanas said...

loved it...liking your blog...following!


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