Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RESORT 2012...Christopher Kane

Following the phrase 'better late than never', here I am sharing with you my favorite looks from resort 2012. I know its been a while that I have been sitting on this data on my laptop,...but we go...

Christopher Kane's resort collection was all about the rainbow, prisms and reflective fabrics.

He took us all back memory lane, into our own childhood, to the time when we loved to play with prisms, and reflections and rainbows were a cherished sight!The collection comes across as a little over the top, in terms of colors, shocks our eyesight with furious spectrum color combinations and is extremely wearable.
Inspired by "prisms and reflective fabrics," Kane featured ombre rainbow prints, bright neon colors and metallic lamé in his mini shift dresses, cashmere sweaters and tailored separates.

The pieces that stood out for me are:
1. gorgeous LBD with a rainbow v-neck panel
2. The gorgeous metallic skirt and seperates ( all in 'shiny disco ball' silver )
3. The black booties with neon green highlights
4. The bright-bright solid seperates in shocking neons ( refer the beautiful orange dress,the pink shift dress, the pink and yellow trousers, the blue blazer )
5. The cashmere sweaters
6. the neon green footwear
As per Kane's own words, this is a collection that definitely 'crosses the color spectrum'. much luv!!!xo.

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