Monday, July 11, 2011

what am I loving today..

My latest love and inspiration for the next season is going to be Army Flower/ Military Princess.
Currently I am in love with browns with blues, khaki with pink and all colors contrasting in personalities.
I am absolutely loving the feeling of putting a twill heavy shirt with tulle or mixing corduroy with silk chiffon.
I would love to create a collection out of this theme...where my inspiration will be a gypsy princess...who has lived all her life thrifting on old military uniforms....probably to save money...and/ but has a feminine...almost untouched, softer side to herself. She is pretty but ignorant of her charm...lives in the wild...wears utility clothes..but makes them fashionable in her own adding tulle to a military jacket and making it into a skirt....much luv..xo

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