Friday, July 22, 2011

afro chic (SS2011-2012)


African designers such as Michelle Ludek, Tart, Habits, Gavin Rajah, Abigail Betz, Nucleus, Carducci and many more take to the runway and show the world that South Africa can produce high fashion and compete on the international level.
Cape town fashion week overview:

Trends as seen in the cape town fashion week....

colors: rich wine tones of purple and cherry pinks with some blues. Also to be seen was a lot of shimmer in shades of grey, gold and ever popular metallics. A well balanced mix of designers choose to go with the currently prevailing international trend of neons (a sure hit with the South African market, If past trends and street style is compared).

The most prevailing colors remained to be orange in rich neon and candy tones, shades of grey from ash to charcoal to metallics, and the blues moving towards the purple family. All these were well balanced (or sometimes not!)With neutrals, nudes and soft candy colors of yellow- to -pink to browns.

ALTHOUGH, I HAVE TO SAY, MY CURRENT FAVOURITE AND a color seen well in resort and SS2012 (GREEN in shades of APPLE and MINT GREEN) was bleakly present.

Silhouettes: The major womenswear trend to be seen was (again, as per the international circle, and something that will sell like hot cakes in SA) Maxi dresses. But the shift dresses did make an entry, in some shows and were exciting in terms of fabrics and prints. Some beautiful skirts (wraps, paneled and swing skirts) to be seen with blouses and tops along the way.

In terms of cuts, a lot of bias cut dresses and skirts, also beautifully fitted bodices showed some new cuts and treatments of the princess and empire seams. The broad obi belt and thick waist belts have always been South Africa’s favorite.

Fabrics: ranging from the silks and chiffons, to the jacquards and brocades, there was a vast spectrum in terms of fabrics. Also to be seen were linens, some lace and sequined fabrics along with the ever present animal prints.

PRINTS: A lot of florals, huge amount of paisley patterns and the ever so famous animal prints. Also to be seen, a good amount of color blocking and monochromatic tones.

In a Nutshell: Prevailing trends to look out for will be: maxi dresses, pedal pushers, skirts, orange, neutrals with neon hits (accents), all shades grey, monochromatic tones in black and white/ or greys, empire seams and high waists, floral outbursts and paisleys, also look out for feathers, sheers and metallics. If shopping for your man, try going towards pastels and always make sure you have one outfit in pure dove white!!

images curtesy: google, ifashion, designers-random

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