Monday, June 6, 2011

my latest addiction :D

While the rest of you are enjoying your breezy summer sunsets at a beach... in South Africa, its freezing winters.
So I religiously indulged in a few winter wonders for my feet...
I am so in love with shades of grey currently, that I ended up buying 2 footwears, both in the same color...check it out...

And check out my husband embracing color, with these latest buys of the purple and black soooo kewl!!!

On a totally differen note, after our super tiring shoe shopping, when I did realise I was hungry...and went to pick  some bread and eggs.....LOOK  what I found!!!
I am totally in love with this wired very cute! This pretty pretty egg holder is gonna remind me to have my breakfast on time, everyday!! love it. xo

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