Saturday, June 4, 2011

FALL 2011-2012

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The theme for Autumn / Winter 2011/2012 is being divided into three trends:
Innovative The race is on for new discoveries and solutions, with an accelerated sense of urgency as science is heralded as the saviour of a trouble stricken age. This contemporary trend marks an optimistic outlook towards a new existence, free of economic doom and gloom, while rediscovering the benefits of an intellectual approach. Keen observation and understanding enables us to learn from past events and push for a formulaic attitude to global advancement.

Primal A renewed sense of spiritualism evokes an affinity with the natural world and the rediscovery of the instincts buried deep within us all. Many modern lifestyles have lead to a detachment from our environment, pushing us towards an empty, cold future and a despondent attitude towards the inevitable crisis of climate change. The rebirth of a new spiritual civilization suggests a resourceful and nomadic existence living close to nature and stimulates a drive for creating beauty and progress out of disaster.

Synergy A new era of pragmatism, simplicity and efficiency is dawning. As a fresh model for living is sought across the globe, and we see retaliation against decades of excess and heady capitalism, we look to the Nordic states for inspiration. Social cohesion is key to a peaceful future with diversity not only tolerated, but celebrated and utilized through group participation, both in the community and the workplace. The regeneration of urban spaces is on the agenda to harmonize with a contemporary and metropolitan way of living; innovative design meets a classic Scandinavian aesthetic for precision and minimalism that still retains a sense of warmth and homeliness.

Each trend is then split into three transitional phases.
Phase 1 for late summer/early autumn collections

Phase 2 for autumn/early winter.

Phase 3 for high winter.
my personal fav being synergy. Check out the full post to get the inspirations for styling your coming winter wardrobe. I know it looks far from now, while you enjoy your summer sun, but I suggest, get hands on with the trends and be the one making news!! much luv. xo

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