Tuesday, May 3, 2011

fashion victim

fashion victim

fashion victim by stylescribbles featuring zip jeans

tips to remember...when overdoing yourself:
from time to time, we want to indulge in fashion...and go all gagaa over the latest trends...
there are times when we just want to show off all that we have got!!!

some important pointers for those indulgances:
1. remember to always keep a color scheme in mind
2. if its a rainbow your are sporting, dont pile up everything you have, ITwill be A MESS!

3. always keep a neutral color in your ensemble, maybe a neutral bag, that doesnt shout loud
4. try and incorporate a dark tone, that can possibly work as a neutral, a black, charcoal or coffee color.

5. you can wear loads of clothes OR loads of colors ONLY!
6. look at the example given above, without looking shabby, it looks chic, even tho things are piled on top of eachother
7. keep jewelry toned down, or simple gold OR silver
8. comliment the outfit with your shoes, scarves they don't need to COMPETE with each other.
9. always have that little pop of color in between, if the outfit is too much, then maybe just a tiny hint, like these red and yellow heels in the above compilation.

Always remember, a smiling, happy and confident face can pull off anything!!
be stylish, be confident!! be yourself!!! xoxo

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What Sadie Did said...

Argggh I want this ENTIRE outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sadie xx


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