Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FALL 2011... spotlight on Donna Karen

Donna Karan

fall 2011
I stumbled across her fall collection, that was showcased in Feb ( I think ), on style.com today.
This was the high end signature Donna Karan line for fall. Her collection was called 'Pearls of Wisdom'.

The pearl necklaces that accompanied all the looks were designed by Erickson Beamon.
The eye goes directly to the elbow-length gloves finished in deep swatches of fur and to the blouses with draped necklines thatsometimes doubled as head scarves.
The collection consist of mainly skirtsuits, dresses and coats. Also interesting to see were the high waist draped jersey pants.

The overall theme of the collection was muted winter tones.It did keep me interested, as it somehow resembled the old 'black and white' movies!!
Remember....how everytime in those movies, u did not see color!! but alas u did!!!As in there were so many different shades of grey...and sometimes sepia tones.
It was also the cuts, the designs and the drapes...like the draped neck, the ruffled blouse, the shoulders, the gloves, the chiffon and the fur...that made me think of the old hollywood charm.

My overall impression was that the collection was good, with fluid wintery feel and a 'snow covered winter's night' look to it. On the other hand, it did not appeal to me like a usual Donna Karan collection would! Somehow I missed the bold jewelry, the colors.

Something was missing, maybe the colors, maybe what I felt was that.... the collection looked a bit too ...hmmmm!!I think it had glamour and pearls..but I missed the sparkle and bold colors!!!

Well thats just me, needless to say I did absolutely love some of the fabulous pieces. xoxo

photos: style.com

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