Saturday, April 9, 2011

Autumn Winter 2011-2012 (Manish Arora)

     I <3 FISH FRY    
“Fashion should make you stand out, not disappear in a crowd,” Manish Arora.

His bold collection never fails to do just that. Years in the making his label "FishFry" has been established as a statement amongst the fashion circles.... He embraces couture and tweeks and turns it into fabulous, one of a kind fashion pieces even for the woman on the streets.

His usual Indian influences of colorful embroidery and detailed beading were present in his Fall 2011 collection, but Arora also introduced an Aztec vibe to his pieces to illustrate "the free spirit of a woman who is part gypsy and part new age style icon." To achieve this unique balance, Arora utilized the work of German artist Amrie Hoffstater as the foundation for the prints in his garments. Hoffstater's "magic dolls" are see in the bright, detailed prints and embroideries.

His collection is for the confident, young at heart, over the top woman who is part gypsy and part modern....and never fears to live on the edge, where all eyes are upon her!!! much luv!!!

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