Friday, February 11, 2011

Spotlight on

THE NEON PIRATES save energy, save the world...

They gather in small groups at night, wearing wigs and overcoats.

They call themselves the « Neon Clan ». Their mission: switch off the colourful and bright neon signs that have been left on at night by shops and boutiques.

Through this sensible and non-violent action, the Neon Clan fights against the abusive use of neon advertising and the irrational consumption of energy.

It's impossible to count all the activists who claim to belong to the Neon Clan. And their territory which largely overcomes the French capital, has now reach other European countries like Belgium and the Netherlands.

Through their well made website and blog, the Neon Clan offers a complete guide on how and why to switch off the fluorescent signs that keep the city awake at night...

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