Sunday, December 19, 2010

foolproof holiday dressup tips

Here's a tip for when you have that family dinner...
so you do wanna be fashionable but not come across as too sluty, you want style oozing out but not so much as to come across as rude towards other less fashionably blessed sibblings....
1. Keep it simple- a nice, well fitted dress in a neutral other than black should work well for your style satisfaction
2. Don't overdo the accessories, but none the less add some sparkle, its holiday season afterall.
3. Add color somewhere but flow along the color scheme of your ensemble.
4. Look into the mirror before you go out, if you can't get your eye fixed on 1 thing, you are wearing a bit too many. Try to leave the focus on one centre piece.
5. Just go out and have fun with your family, bond well and remember you are your own style queen. :)
Again, this look does not need to burn your pockets, its a simple rule guide, that can give you the desired result with any budget you got. Try taking out old wardrobe staples, and mixing them with new accessories to give them a new life...
foolproof holiday dressup tips

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