Saturday, December 18, 2010

foolproof holiday dressup tips

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while dressing up for that holiday party,
for a night with your friends...
1. A great fitting black dress goes a long way, try out draped dresses or those with some textures.
2. When in doubt go for that perfect knee length black dress with a waist belt, your few extra holiday pounds will hardly show.

3. Invest in a fabulous pair of heels, in a shimmery neutral, they will go a long way, and with a lot of your outfits.
4. A clutch bag with some details, a slight embroidery or a motif, feathers ( current trend ) is an investment piece.
5. Those hollywood drop earrings are not just for the red carpet moments, they can bring an instant upgrade to any outfit, in any budget.
6. Make sure there is a pop of color somewhere in your outfit, but not too much for the eyes and not in every piece you wear.
Always remember this look can be achieved with any budget, from local discount shops to couture garments, just keep it clean, no body likes to see a shabby dress, stay positive and you never have to worry about how cheap or expensive a dress you have got!!

foolproof holiday dressup tips

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