Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spring Summer 2011 trends: As seen on the RUNWAY!!!

No comments: seen onDONNA KAREN and  THAKOON shows. This Spring dont be afraid to go all whites!! pair beautiful ivory with enamel white or go pure bright white... To make a statement, bring out your bright side with accessories.
Neon, as I have posted in my earlier writeups

..its the best trend coming our way in 2011... Fun Playfull and bright...its OKAY to go crazy with colors, this spring !!
Featuring here...DKNY and JASON WU.

 These fabulous pieces by JASON WU and MICHAEL KORS are to die for. Such colors!! So much love for these...!
MARK JACOBS madness....luv luv luv!!! such beautiful pieces with white base...the skirt!!!totally to die for...I HEART!!

 DONNA KAREN has this perfect scarf with the most perfect color combination, draped around the model!! was my love for scarves so apperent!! lol...I want this one...
 And if you want some chleopatran seductiveness with sofisticated charm....its a must to get this RODRIGUEZ golden piece. Its a statement piece that will last you beyond seasons and trends.
No perfect spring summer is complete without OSCAR DE LA RENTA classic pieces in your wardrobe... much luv and enjoy your NEW YEARS EVE. xoxo

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I heart !!

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I heart !!

oh much luv for the patch work bag...and the miu miu shoes are a match made in heaven. With the perfect top and a rugged denim, I am all set to go out and enjoy the perfect day !! Ahh much to look out for this fabulous spring 2011.
love much. xo

Saturday, December 25, 2010

my new year's resolution 2011


Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore
my new year2011 resolution is to have fun with colors....tell me what is yours...create a mini editor and stand a chance to win $500 American Express gift card, courtesy POLYVORE!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

a little christmas giveaway!!!

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So, heres a little something for everyone out there....considering how big the two major trends for 2011 are ( neon colors and 70's influence) I did these vector graphics... and now I am giving away the cdr (version X3 and lower) and eps format of these.
If you want to use these for any professional requirements/ commercial purposes, just let me know, and acknowledge it that I made these.
All you need to do is follow my blog, and leave a comment on the post, along with your e mail id.
I am actually planning to make it a monthly giveaway of new graphics, from new year....hope you like it!!!

merry Christmas!!!

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merry christmas everyone!!!
Reindeer antlers
$2.99 -
Christmas hats »

To all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!
Hope you all are enjoying your vacations and having a great time... wish you loads of love and happiness :). xo
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I am my own PRINCESS

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Try mixing the royal look with your own style element to get that wow factor!!!
OPTION 1: get that classic royalty look for a fraction of the original cost...

OPTION 2: tweak up the royal style and get your own sexy take on it..

OPTION 3: don’t shy away if you are not a British royalty, give the royal look your own grunge element, and flaunt it with style...

Victoria Beckham

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Victoria Beckham
The latest celeb to launch her own range of handbags and purses is none other than the posh girl herself. Her latest addition to her Label, these beautifully cut pieces in mono and two tones are to die for!! A perfect addition to any wardrobe, as a staple or a fashion statement....whatever the reason.. So much to look forward to in the new year...!! pure bliss. xo

Spotlight on

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This holiday season....check out a fabulous upcoming designer who has created her own niche in womenswear fashion, her designs are strong and reflect the modern woman beautifully. Perfect for an evening out or a red carpet, her designs are to die for. What greater joy, than to have one of her classic cut dresses brighten up our holidays this year.
_ __________________________________________ _


Porscia Yeganeh, the internationally acclaimed designer behind the renowned PORSCIA® fashion line, has been crafting designs that are the epitome of practical luxury for more than two decades.

Yeganeh’s remarkable talent and eye for fashion was evident since she was a child growing up in Iran. At the age of seven, while living in Greece, she fashioned her first couture piece – a dress made from pillowcases – and her love for handcrafted, meticulously designed clothes was born. She spent her childhood constructing Barbie dresses using her own distinctive style -- sewing the garments inside out with the colorful threads in the 80s in a method known today as topstitching.

Yeganeh debut her first collection in 2002 during the Vancouver Fashion Week, and, in 2003, she was honored as one the Top 10 Best Designers of the year. In 2004, Yeganeh received her first buying request from a major chain department store, The Bay, which catapulted her into the fashion spotlight.
 Since then, Yeganeh’s pieces have been worn by models at the Miss Universe pageant in 2007 and 2008, and her designs have appeared at numerous other fashion pageants, including Catwalk for the Cure, and the first Canadian Country Music Awards in 2010. Several celebrities are also fans of her work, including actress Agam Darshi VonRiedingerìn who displayed her designs on the red carpets at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2009 and at the LEO Film Awards in 2010.

Yeganeh’s broad range of cosmopolitan experiences is evident in the PORSCIA® line, making it a distinctive addition to the luxury fashion world. Yeganeh has traveled the world and lived abroad in exotic locations, including the Middle East, Iran, Turkey, North America, and Europe, and she remains inspired by her many international experiences. She currently resides in Italy, where she’s continuously moved by the country’s ceaseless fashion beauty.

 _ __________________________________________ _
Here's an interview with the diva herself...
Q1) how did you get into fashion design?
Starting from a position a complete ignorance, I made my way. I knew nothing about designing, except for the ornamentation that I had done at school, I never apprenticed in the ateliers. I learned everything on my own, and I enjoyed it.

Q2) where did you go to school? What did you study?
I continued my fashion talent at Kwantlnes Polytechnic University, a 4 year intense program.

Q3) did you have to train or apprentice with another designer?
If yes, how was that?
I never trained or worked with other designers and followed my vision. It is my unique sophisticated styles which have brought BIG department stores like The Hudsons Bay  in wanting to carry my collection.

Q4) what inspires your designs?
I am my own inspiration and think of ways to manipulate an idea into something practical but yet screams for elegance. The biggest judge is ONLY yourself as I am the 1 who can see if any flaws but I make sure to perfect them!
That is my secret! INSPIRATION FOR SIMPLE BEAUTY. LESS IS MORE, flattering the body with simple innovation!

Q5) what about fashion as a business?
Fashion is the most competitive business in the world and especially Italy as it is the fashion Capital of the world. If you get accepted here, then you have made it! Always know, in any business, ITS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW, BUT ITS WHO YOU KNOW! Tip; always be good to others as you never know what doors can open.

Q6) tell us a little about your resent difficulties while launching your label in Europe, how do you feel about that?
My brand PORSCIA is federally trademarked in Canada without having received any opposition from a 2nd party.

As of 2009, PORSCIA was register in all 38 countries of Europe and USA with getting opposed by PORSCHE GA. The case stands intense with PORSCHE having a TM category in Clothing 025 too. Currently in negotiation stage but very likely PORSCIA will come on top as it is my legal name and having a powerful attorney Mr.Green handling the case for worldwide registration.

Q7) what advice would you give to a young upcoming designer and design students?
Socialise, follow your intuition. Don’t be afraid to show your talent. Follow your dream and have fun! That’s how I did it.
"Often the purest elements and simplest cuts are the most elaborate and difficult to achieve,” Yeganeh says. “My mother used to tell me, if you want to create beauty, do only what is necessary and no more.”
_ __________________________________________ _
Yeganeh’s collection reflects her elegance and belief that showing less is more. Her handmade craftsmanship is evident in all her creations and her designs are not overwhelmed with a lot of embellishment. Reflecting an extraordinary mix of romanticism, feminism, and modernity that symbolize Yeganeh, the PORSCIA collection is comprised of pieces that breed form with function and give life to the designer’s graceful, yet modern vision.
“Luxury is the privilege of those who know how to execute their life. It’s the freedom of representing your unique beauty without unveiling yourself.” - Porscia Yeganeh

Sunday, December 19, 2010

foolproof holiday dressup tips

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Here's a tip for when you have that family dinner...
so you do wanna be fashionable but not come across as too sluty, you want style oozing out but not so much as to come across as rude towards other less fashionably blessed sibblings....
1. Keep it simple- a nice, well fitted dress in a neutral other than black should work well for your style satisfaction
2. Don't overdo the accessories, but none the less add some sparkle, its holiday season afterall.
3. Add color somewhere but flow along the color scheme of your ensemble.
4. Look into the mirror before you go out, if you can't get your eye fixed on 1 thing, you are wearing a bit too many. Try to leave the focus on one centre piece.
5. Just go out and have fun with your family, bond well and remember you are your own style queen. :)
Again, this look does not need to burn your pockets, its a simple rule guide, that can give you the desired result with any budget you got. Try taking out old wardrobe staples, and mixing them with new accessories to give them a new life...
foolproof holiday dressup tips

I Heart

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I Heart

 A sock in my sock...What do I want in my christmas sock this year???
Well what about one of  these fabulous pieces.... there are so many amazing options in socks and leg warmers, that winter is sure looking bright this year :-) happy holidays everyone !!

Spring Summer 2011 trend : NEON

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check out these fabulous pieces from the Chanel 2011 resort collection...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

foolproof holiday dressup tips

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Here is how to rock that office party...
1. Dont be scared to try that bold red colored dress, its the holiday spirit, get into it.
2. Keep the accessories simple, you dont want everything in bright shades, that is when it gets too much.
3. A classic cut dress goes a long way, with just a slight detailing that catches the eye.
4. Lace is a classic option, but try and avoid the cheap synthetic imitations, even within shopping in budget.
Again, this look can be achieved with any budget.


foolproof holiday dressup tips

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Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while dressing up for that holiday party,
for a night with your friends...
1. A great fitting black dress goes a long way, try out draped dresses or those with some textures.
2. When in doubt go for that perfect knee length black dress with a waist belt, your few extra holiday pounds will hardly show.

3. Invest in a fabulous pair of heels, in a shimmery neutral, they will go a long way, and with a lot of your outfits.
4. A clutch bag with some details, a slight embroidery or a motif, feathers ( current trend ) is an investment piece.
5. Those hollywood drop earrings are not just for the red carpet moments, they can bring an instant upgrade to any outfit, in any budget.
6. Make sure there is a pop of color somewhere in your outfit, but not too much for the eyes and not in every piece you wear.
Always remember this look can be achieved with any budget, from local discount shops to couture garments, just keep it clean, no body likes to see a shabby dress, stay positive and you never have to worry about how cheap or expensive a dress you have got!!

foolproof holiday dressup tips

Friday, December 17, 2010

I Heart...!!

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This beautiful blue and white piece with sheer panel, makes me want to garb it with sheer joy and dump my little black dress in a blind corner in my wardrobe, while picking out that perfect dress for an evening out...
Sure enough again, its Lagerfld, with his Chanel Resort 2011 collection...
 also check out the celebrities who adored this beauty earlier this year..!!

Blake Lively at the premier of twelve in july

Alexa Chung in October

What would go well with a perfect dress than the perfect bag... take a look at this fabulous shopalike giveaway...

Spring Summer 2011 trend: WHITE

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As I discussed earlier, WHITE in SS2011 has replaced the latest fav neutral Camel. So its not just white for ur favourite "little dress"..but a lot of it is gonna be seen is skirts, pants, shirts too.
The latest to embrace the trend, and BEAutifully, I must say was, Lagerfeld for Chanel Resort Collection 2011.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spring Summer 2011 trend: the new camel

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the new camel

The newest trend for spring summer 2011 to be seen on the runways is that of WHITE, it has most certainly replaced CAMEL, as the best neutral for spring. Note, as I did mention in a previous post camel is very big this winter.
The second very big trend spotted for the spring is that of tuxedo inspired jackets, coats, and outerwear.

Pair it with a sexy skinny, a sequin top and some bright accessories to get the complete look. another trend that I will take at length another time is that of suitcase bags... *wink* remind me!!!

my beach basket 2011

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my beach basket 2011
the biggest trend of spring summer 2011 is sure to make its way in my wardrobe soon.....
perhaps starting with my beachwear..... for sure!!!


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